Slide and Fold Door

Schiavone slide and fold door example

The Slide and Fold door, like the Lift and Slide door, enables larger doorways to be opened. The difference is the Slide and Fold employs multiple panels (36” and smaller), and has the panels fold to one side or the other.

Like the Lift and Slide, the Slide and Fold works well when walls are to be opened to the outside, such as a row of panels in the side of a covered pool. The Slide and Fold has some space advantages, as all the panels fold together in a neat stack.

The Slide and Fold can also be mixed with standard operating hinged doors, so that only one panel need be opened for access. Another favorite application is a row of operable folding windows, often used above a counter to make an open-air bar.

The multiple sealing gasket system makes a winter-proof seal when closed.

The Slide and Fold door works like your typical bi-fold door, only much better. It runs on two tracks, both top and bottom, and like our other doors, is moved by premium hardware. The slide and fold accomplishes much of what the lift slides do, with the difference being that when open, the doors stack to one side like an accordion. Up to forty feet of opening can be accommodated with the slide and fold door. They also can be built in several different configurations to make the best use of the opening.

Again, excellent engineering allows for smooth operation and good weather sealing. Partnering with quality screen manufactures allows these and the lift and slide doors to be screened in a width up to 24 feet.

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